Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Boy, My Jared

I heard, and then I listened. I looked, and then I saw. I touched, and then I felt. My boy is asleep and I am there next to him just observing him. The miracle that he is. The small person that God entrusted me with. The boy he is and the man he is becoming. He is five. Oh what a five he is. Happiness exuberates from him to all those around him. He knows only love. He loves all he knows. And he want to know all he comes across. A hug, a smile, a hello. His voice is not strong. Although he only has a left side to his heart, it is the heart is that of a lion. He is brave. He is courageous. His mind is innocent, and his soul is wise. He is being carried through life by the Lord Jesus himself. He slaps his knee when he laughs. His personality is giant. Full of expression in manner and facial coordination, he compensates for any whisper sound that his vocal cords limit his speech to. He runs and jumps. He climbs and wrestles. He plays with his sisters and brother. He hugs his mom and dad. He tells us he loves us, and we tell him everyday, often, that we love him forever. We tell him we are glad he is in our family, and we are in his life. He is more than I could ever imagine. He is an example of perseverance, motivation, and dedication. He is in my family. He is a brother. He is my son. He is my baby boy. He is my Jared.


elle alice said...

You explained Jared perfectly! This is beautiful and makes me miss him even more! His facial expressions and body movements were always so mature for his little age... He had the comedic precision of a smirk or a eye roll as if he is a teenager in the body of a young child. He is priceless and he is a blessing! Say hi to him from me :)
Elena P

Mark Proudlock said...

I just read this blog again today, so awesome